About Us

We stock, supply and install plastic piping system products.
Need to convey water? Delicious cold beer? Chemicals? Store large quantities of corrosive liquids? A vast quantity of effluent? Is corrosion an issue? Looking to build a large or small scale piping installation and never used industrial plastics before? Fusion can provide solutions to all these queries.

We stock and supply high quality plastic piping system products and are capable of custom fabricating entire piping systems, specialist fabricated items and PE/PP storage tanks.

Integrated Solutions

We provide total package solutions whereby we design, build, project manage and install systems based on your requirements. Our team has a considerable knowledge in industrial plastics and we work hard to stay at the forefront in the Australian plastic fabrication and piping industry.

Founded in 1998 as Fusion Engineering Plastics and Fusion Piping Systems; we are unique in the industry for our ability to design, project manage, supply, fabricate and install, complete plastic piping systems and pipelines.

National and International Service

We have offices in Western Australia and Queensland providing plastic fabrication and plastic piping services to all states and territories, nationally and internationally.

Our manufacturing facilities, project support equipment and in-house design/engineering services are located in Perth WA and Brisbane QLD.

How We Work

Our team consists of four main areas which work together to deliver solutions to the needs of our clients:

Plastic Piping Systems Sales Team

Everyday the sales team ensure thousands of items–from as small as a 0.25" UPVC Cap, up to 12 metre long PE Pipe–are stocked, while providing customers with fantastic support and fast ordering. They offer assistance with any questions regarding the characteristics of plastics; such as chemical resistance, temperature range, longevity and applications.

Plastic Piping Systems Stores Team

The stores team provides a friendly face for walk-in customers and delivery people as well as handling (sorting, packing and shipping) orders that arrive from sales.

Plastics Fabrication Office Team

The plastics fabrication office team work with customers to turn ideas into reality. The team consists of people with engineering and project management backgrounds, and a long history of successfully executed plastic fabrication projects. From simple maintenance to complete fabrication and piping installations, on some of Australia’s biggest industrial projects; the plastic fabrication office team has experience to tackle the most complex projects.

You’ll find our fabrication team often working on projects such as: PE/PP tanks (for water or chemical storage) with bunding (if required), chemical dosing panels for water treatment, custom fabrication and instrumentation using our vast supply of fittings, piping and valves and much more.

They can also arrange hiring plastic welding equipment including delivery to where you need it.

Plastics Fabrication Workshop Team

Our plastics fabricators and workshop supervisors have a talent pool which ensures a fluid transition from design to fabrication; in minimal time and to the highest quality standards.

Our Teams Combined

We have years of technical, industrial and project experience in: plastic manufacturing, plastic piping, fittings and valves, and plastic fabrication. Our supporting systems and processes enable the delivery of projects both large and small, on time and tailored to your requirements.

Our History

Fusion formed in October 1997 and opened a small manufacturing facility in Bibra Lake, WA with 4 employees. Today, Fusion has grown to a team of over 70 staff with offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities on the east and west coasts of Australia.

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve remained dedicated to providing the highest quality plastic fabrication services and plastics piping system products throughout Australia.

Our Values

We think our values are the most fundamental element to a successful partnership between our business and our customers. Some of the values that guide us include:
  • We take pride and responsibility in our work and never stop learning to better our processes and systems.
  • We deliver on what we promise. (To date we have served thousands of happy customers and they continue to come back to us to provide plastic piping system and fabrication solutions.)
  • We act with honesty and integrity.
  • We are committed to what we do.
  • We have an overriding commitment to health, safety and the environment.
  • Adherence to our quality assurance and standards is paramount to us.
  • We like to work as a team and in partnership.
  • We will earn the right to be the partner of choice with all our clients.
  • We seek to work together with our clients as long term partners.
  • We are committed to delivering value on time and on budget.
  • We respect for each other and our customers.
  • We embrace teamwork and trust.
  • We have the courage to lead change and inspire positive ideas and innovation.
  • We treat our colleagues and partners with respect.
Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Certification Logo

Standards & Compliance

We strive for excellent, highest quality service in every aspect of our business. We have an overriding commitment to health, safety and the environment. Adherence to our quality assurance and standards is paramount to us.

Fusion’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Sustainable development is a focus in Fusion’s health, safety and the environmental policies. To ensure continuous improvement, specific targets are in place.

A Focus on Safety, Best Practice and Exceeding Compliance Requirements.

Fusion is committed to excellence in the management of health, safety and the environment (HSE). We uphold our moral and legislative responsibility in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, secure systems of work and the competent supervision of all employees, subcontractors and other persons on site and in the workplace.

The Fusion Health, Safety and Environmental Policy has the objective to achieve the following:

  • Commitment to Best Practice.
  • Legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice compliance.
  • Zero lost time injuries.
  • Recognise the needs of our clients and to achieve predetermined goals.
  • Provision of necessary information, training and supervision to employees and subcontractors.
  • Promote consultation and cooperation between the company, employees and subcontractors.
  • Maintain a Rehabilitation Program which places the needs of the injured employee and their family at the forefront.
  • Ensures that all employees and subcontractors work together to achieve the stated objectives and by doing so assist in the prevention of injury to themselves and others.
  • Commitment to environmental improvement, waste recycling and pollution.
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Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Certification Logo
Fusion Plastics Pty Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified company