Chemical Dosing Panels


Protecting People & 
The Environment

  • Long lasting
  • Minimise chemical exposure
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Completely customisable
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Custom Fabricated

Fusion fabricates chemical dosing panels and cabinets to custom specifications from sheet HDPE or PP, suited to your site and pipework requirements.

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Chemical Dosing Panel at a water treatment plant

More Than Just Dosing Cabinets

Since 1998 we've designed cabinets and panels for use in many processes within Australian industrial plants. These include analyser, injection, pump-in/out, instrumentation, load-in, CIP (Clean in Place) and monitoring panels.

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Dosing Panel Design Features

Image of the base of a polypropylene dosing cabinet showing the polycarbonate doors and hinges

Self Supporting

Fusion’s dosing panels are fully self-supporting. The PP enclosure is the supporting structure and makes for a longer lasting, corrosion-free environment.
Close up photo of the hinges on a dosing cabinet

Rigid, Self-closing Doors

Door design is vital to provide easy access, but also to ensure a safe enclosure. Fusion’s recommended design dosing panel doors use self-closing, variable tension hinges to ensure that when access isn’t required, the doors close and passers-by are protected from the pipework.
Lockable Handles

Lockable Doors

On top of the self-closing hinges, we can install strong twist handles to make opening and closing easy and most importantly, they can lock the door shut when panel access isn’t required.


close up of the hinged door sliding mechanism on a fusion dosing cabinet

Lock Open & Easy-Close Doors

Sometimes it's necessary to have them doors stay open while important maintenance is undertaken. Fusion can install lockable sliders along the bottom of our doors. When the door is opened to its full extent, the slider engages and keeps the door open.

Sliding Doors on a PE Dosing Cabinet

Sliding Doors

Clients with restrictive space at sites often request sliding doors on dosing panels. These can be constructed from polycarbonate sheet.

Lifting Lugs on a PP Dosing Panel

Easy Transport with Rated Lifting Lugs

Rated lifting lugs can be added to dosing cabinets to ease the installation process.

Complex pipework installation in PE Dosing Cabinet

Complex Piping Systems Design and Installation

Fusion's in-house engineers and fabrication teams can design and build your required system, producing a plug-and-play dosing system which can easily be installed at site.

Fusion is also the official distributor of Charlotte UPVC Schedule 80 Pipe and Fittings and Asahi America Valves. Allowing us to be cost effective and draw from our extensive stock for faster project turn-around times.

Dosing Cabinet with Electrical Panel on the side

Pre-wired Turn Key Dosing

Fusion has experience producing turn-key dosing systems for clients including electrical and instrumentation. Ready for plug-and-play installation on your site.

Plastics We Use

Fusion chemical dosing panels are built from polypropylene (PP) sheet, a thermoplastic with high mechanical strength, great impact, corrosion, chemical and moisture resistance; perfect in applications such as chemical engineering, tank building, ventilation, equipment manufacturing, and laboratory technology and in products such as chemical storage tanks, electroplating barrels, fume cupboards and pipe flanges.

Other plastics such as HDPE (High Density Polyethylene / PE100), PVC, Natural PE and more can be selected depending on factors such as chemical compatibility, UV resistance, and temperature tolerance.

Contact our team to discuss the right plastic for your application.

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Water Treatment Plant Drone Photo


Since 1998 we've been manufacturing custom industrial plastic chemical dosing panels / cabinets for a range of industries including water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals and more.

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A Fusion plastic fabricator electrofusion jointing a PE piping system on site

Installation at Your Site

Fusion's site team and plastic fabricators can provide installation and maintenance services that extend beyond dosing panel fabrication. Our teams have expertise in a range of industrial plastic piping systems and are skilled in welding techniques including butt, socket and IR.

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Australian Design & Long Lasting Solutions

Our in-house engineers utilise advanced computer modelling including FEA analysis to design long lasting solutions for clients. Our fabrication facilities use CNC cutting and extrusion welding to build customised, plastic dosing cabinetry designed to suit your site requirements.

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Our Dosing Panel Work

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