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Industrial Actuators & Actuated Valves

From Asahi America
The Asahi actuator range includes both pneumatic and electric models along with options and communication packages, which include solenoids for on/off applications, positioning devices for modulating applications, and auxiliary limit switches for position indication (also used for safety interlock).

Electric Actuators

Asahi produces a range of electric actuators for smaller, economical applications (Asahi Series 17 / Asahi Series 94) up to large, high-torque applications (Asahi Series 92 ‘Chief’) for ball valve sizes 0.5 – 4" or 20 - 110mm and butterfly valves 1.5 - 8".

Pneumatic Actuators

Asahi pneumatic actuators provide compact, extremely durable, accurate and dependable control, especially in corrosive applications and available in output torques from 60 to 17,000 inch-pounds based on an 80-psi air supply.

Asahi Series 19 CAV & SAV Smart Electric Actuators

Asahi Series 19 SAV Electric Actuator
All Asahi/America Series 19 electric actuators come standard with multi-voltage capability, a visual position indicator; an LED light to indicate valve position or fault; auxiliary contacts; a QR code for easy and instant access to user manuals. The Series 19 also features a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim to protect the unit’s reversing, brushless DC motor and permanently-lubricated steel gear train.
Interested in the Series 19 CAV or SAV Electric Actuator?

Technical Specifications

ModelsOn/Off, Modulating, Failsafe, Modulating Failsafe
SizesC20, S20, S50, S110
Electrical ConnectionNEMA 4X cable gland with two-meter color-coded cable
Voltage95 VAC to 265 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz
24 AC/DC
Max Temp65˚C


For more information visit the Asahi America website.


CAV Series

  • Reversing, brushless motor.
  • Lubricated steel gears.
  • IP67 ABS housing with SS screws.
  • ISO mount with star drive.
  • IP67 cable gland with 2m fly cable.
  • 'Beacon' position indicator.
  • LED position indicator (Red closed, Green open).
  • Manual override via included hex key.
  • Open & closed limit switches.
  • Space heater.
  • CE compliant.
  • 75% duty rating.
  • QR code link to manual & wiring schematic.

SAV Series

The same as the CAV but also includes:

  • OLED Screen: displays valve position, alarms (such as over torque).
  • Push buttons: used to calibrate/adjust end positions, local controls.
  • Local controls: used to open or close at the valve.
Interested in the Series 19 Electric Actuator?
Asahi Series 97 Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve

Asahi Series 79 PAG Pneumatic Actuator

[For Ball / Butterfly Valves]
The Asahi Series 79 PAG pneumatic actuator has a glass reinforced polyamide housing for chemical resistance and high strength. The actuator functions using a double piston rack and pinion arrangement for a smooth torque profile throughout the actuator stroke.

Air-to-spring actuator models feature a concentric spring set for consistent output torque. To mount the actuator to a quarter turn valve; the base has an ISO output drive and bolt circle. The top has a visual position indicator and a NAMUR mounting pad to accommodate accessories. The air ports are 0.25inch NPT and have a NAMUR bolt pattern to accommodate flush mount solenoids.

Technical Specifications

Torque58 – 1,335
Operating Pressure80 – 120 psi recommended
BodyGlass-filled Polyamide
Air-to-Spring (Fail Closed)
Air-to-Spring (Fail Open)


For more information visit the Asahi America website.

Asahi Type 14 Pneumatic Actuated Diaphragm Valve

Asahi Type 14 Pneumatic Actuator

[For Diaphragm Valves]
The Asahi Type 14 diaphragm valve with pneumatic actuator is available in both air to air (double acting) and air to spring (single acting) styles. It replaces the bonnet and is an integral part of the valve.

The Type 14 is operated with a nitrile diaphragm, connected directly to the valve for quick response times. The top NAMUR mounting pattern provides options for mounting limit switches, positioners and/or a solenoid for automation.

The housing is made from glass filled polypropylene for high strength and chemical resistance. A visual position indicator at the top allows the user to confirm the valve’s position.

Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure60 psi (standard), 90 psi (maximum)
BodyGlass filled polypropylene
ModelsAir to air
Air to spring (fail open)
Air to spring (fail closed)


For more information visit the Asahi America website.

Benefits of Industrial Plastic Valves

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Smoother than metal for better flow rates.
  • Made to last longer than metal, even when in contact with corrosive liquids.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant – much more so than metals.
  • Light in weight when compared to metals.
  • Lower in total material and installation costs than conventional metal systems.
  • More efficient than metals, especially in operational efficiencies including chemical inertness, resistance to permeation and impurity absorption, abrasion and freeze resistance.
Asahi 3 Year Warranty

Asahi Valves 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Asahi valves from Fusion come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty; longer than most competitor brands in Australia! For information about the Asahi Valve Warranty, please contact us.
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