PP Pipe & Fittings

PP (Polypropylene) is used in industrial processing, chemical production, utilities and building technologies.

It is a durable product, resistant to high impacts, chemicals and abrasions. It’s a welded system installed using IR fusion, butt fusion, socket fusion or electrofusion welding techniques.

Looking to use polypropylene in the semi-conductor or pharmaceutical industries for ultra-high purity applications? Fusion is capable of sourcing ultra-high purity piping systems in PP, PVDF and ECTFE.
PP Threaded Adaptor
Size Range
16 – 500mm
Operating Temperature
-5 – 90°C
Jointing Technology
Butt, IR, Socket and
Pressure Rating
Up to 10 bar

A Sample Of Our Range

Agru PP Union
PP Union
Agru PP Tee Equal
PP Tee Equal
Agru PP Multi-bend
PP 90˚ Multibend
Agru PP Cap
PP Cap
Agru PP Threaded Adaptor
PP Threaded Adaptor
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Benefits of PP

  • High resistance to ageing by thermal stabilising.
  • Smooth, therefore no deposits or growth accumulate within the pipeline.
  • Smooth, providing less frictional resistance.
  • Less pressure losses in comparison to metals.
  • Non-conductive, therefore the structure is not affected by tracking currents.
  • Very good processable thermoplastic e.g. by deep drawing.
  • Rugged and resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids.
  • Easy to install using a range of jointing methods.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Low specific weight of 0.91g/cm3 (PVC 1.40g/cm3).
  • High creep resistance.

Fusion: Supply, fabricate and install with PP

Fusion has the capability to not only supply PP pipe and fittings for your next project, but also fabricate and install.
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Which applications suit PP (Polypropylene) pipe and fittings?

  • Cooling water piping systems.
  • Pressure piping in processing plants.
  • Pressure piping systems for the transport of aggressive media.
  • Piping systems for the transport of contaminated waste water.
  • Exhaust and waste gas piping systems.
  • Piping systems for apparatus and tank building industry.

Where has Fusion Supplied / Installed PP?

Some notable supply / install projects:
  • Mine site projects. Pilbara Region, WA.
  • Waste water treatment plant. Newman, WA.
  • Mining project. Degrussa, WA.
  • Abattoirs project. Northern NSW.
  • Chlor-alkali plant construction. Brisbane, QLD.
  • Hospital and medical centres. WA.

Interested in PP for your next project?

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