Challenging site environments and specific liquid and gas conveyance / storage requirements for drinking water to hazardous chemicals can place high demands on the safety, costs and ongoing maintenance of piping systems in a wide range of industries.

Fusion offers expert advice, a wide range of plastic products, engineered solutions and fabrication / installation services; both locally and remotely. Our products and services cover a wide range of applications in many industries including water treatment, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, oil & gas, food & beverage and more. 

Our products are built to last and provide corrosion free chemical storage and conveyance.

Why Use Thermoplastics?

When designed and used in correct applications, thermoplastic piping systems are corrosive-free and provide long-term solutions for decades to convey media in for a wide range of applications in:

  • Chemical production (sulphuric acid)
  • Chemical distribution (NaCN, HCl)
  • Electrowinning solutions (NaCN/NaOH)
  • Mineral extraction (CMS, SSX, PAM)
  • Mine cooling
  • Safety showers
  • Tailing transport
  • Power plants, and
  • Desalination plants
Thermoplastics Eliminate Corrosion
Providing a higher return on investment with a longer term solution, cost savings in subsequent maintenance and increased safety.

Water Treatment

Our piping systems, valves, level instrumentation, chemical storage tanks and dosing cabinets are perfectly suited for many processes within both fixed and mobile water treatment plants. Fusion can provide piping systems and tanks for conveyance and distribution lines, all equipment for chemical dosing, water conveyance and dilution lines, membrane applications and filters and valves.

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Chemical Processing / Manufacturing Plant

Chemical Processing

Whether it's water for process cooling or hazardous liquids; plastic piping systems and tanks have long been relied on as conveyance and storage mediums. Fusion's chemical storage and conveyance products / services can provide long lasting, low maintenance, safe environments where aggressive chemicals are  produced or stored. Areas of applications within chemical processing include, chemical production & distribution, plating / surface treatment, paper & pulp, textiles & leathers (tanneries), refining & mining and power plants.

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Mining plays a significant role in Australia and Fusion's plastic piping systems and chemical storage products / services are well suited to provide solutions within many processes in nickel, gold, diamond, aluminium, iron, salt, lithium, rare earth mines and more.

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Brewing tanks at a brewery

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturing facilities including breweries, abattoirs, wineries, distilleries and final stage packaging plants often store and convey water and chemicals for use within their core processes and for cleaning. Fusion can provide plastic piping systems and liquid storage solutions suitable for a wide range of temperatures within many food and beverage processes that are corrosion resistant, long lasting, free from toxicity, odours and tastes and conform to NSF International Standard 61.

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Offshore & Onshore Oil & Gas

The harsh, remote conditions at offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities can benefit from the corrosion resistance and low maintenance of industrial plastic piping and liquid storage systems especially when compared to steel equivalents.

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Fusion's industrial plastic products, fabrication services and equipment hire provide a broad range of long-term chemical storage, conveyance and site safety solutions in many industries throughout Australia and abroad.
Our office, fabrication and warehouse facilities in WA and QLD can provide services starting at the client's conceptual stage all the way through to installation. 

Utilising our in-house engineering services, we can provide designs to required standards. These designs can then be realised utilising state of the art machinery, operated by trained plastic fabricators.
Long-term chemical storage, conveyance and site safety solutions
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