Custom Industrial Plastic Fabrication Services

Fusion's workshop teams are custom industrial plastic fabrication experts. Whether you require large (or small) chemical storage tanks, bunds, dosing panels, pipe spools, chutes / launders, electrowinning cells, machine / motor guards, ballasts / floats, safety screens or something unique, our workshop team can provide plastic fabrication services to assist.

We provide custom made fabricated plastic products for clients who experience frequent maintenance problems caused by aggressive chemical corrosion and are seeking an alternative to steel. Plastic products (PE / poly, PP, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF and more) not only have the benefit of being corrosion resistant, but they're light in weight making installation quicker and easier.

Our core plastic fabrication capabilities include sheet butt welding, extrusion welding, piping systems welding (including butt, socket, IR and glue jointing) and CNC cutting.

Our Australian workshop plastic fabrication teams in WA and QLD construct long term, chemical storage and conveyance solutions for clients in sectors including water treatment, chemical processing, food / beverage, pharmaceutical, mining and oil and gas industries.

Plastic Fabricated Chemical Storage Tanks

We're known Australia wide for our plastic fabricated chemical storage tanks. Our workshops use European sheet plastic in a range of materials chosen, depending on the application, to ensure the optimal tank longevity. Most commonly HDPE or PP is selected however UPVC, PVDF and more are available if required.

How Our Tanks Are Made

To construct a Fusion plastic fabricated tank, we utilise large, German sheet butt welding machines to form the walls, and extrusion welding techniques to join the base and the roof sheets. Plastic fabrication using these methods allows for a consistent wall thickness entirely around the tank; something which is very difficult to achieve in roto moulded tanks; this ensures consistent strength across the entire tank and lessens the risk of leaks over time.

Made To Last

Before all tanks are dispatched, Fusion undertakes hydro testing to ensure all tanks are completely sealed and leak free. Our tanks can also be designed with rated lifting lugs, anchor claws and vents for easy, safe transport.

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Fusion HDPE Tank at a battery recycling plant in WA

Tank Gallery

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PP Chemical Dosing Panels with PE drainage bases

Fabricated Chemical Dosing Panels

Second to our tanks, we're known throughout Australia for our dosing panels and dosing panel upgrade works. Chemical dosing panels often house critical, corrosive / aggressive chemicals. For over 20 years we've honed our dosing panel design to provide the best-in-industry cabinets with a focus on safety for people and the environment, while enabling easy access to piping systems and instrumentation.

How Our Dosing Panels Are Made

A typical custom chemical dosing panel at Fusion will either be designed in-house by our engineers or using client supplied drawings. Our fabricators will then utilise CNC cutting machines and extrusion welding to build the cabinetry.


As with our tanks, we use virgin plastic sheet in HDPE or PP as primary plastic materials for our dosing panels, however a wide range of plastic materials can be utilised, if required.

Dosing Panel Upgrades

Does your site require upgrades to conform to new chemical barrier protection standards (ie. Water Corp DS79-03) and increase plant safety? These changes require existing dosing cabinets which either have no doors, ageing plastic curtains or removable rigid screens be replaced or enclosed with clear sliding or hinged doors and all pressurised piping to be completely covered / contained. Fusion has completed upgrade works at several sites throughout Western Australia and can provide assistance from design to installation.

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Dosing Panel Gallery

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Pipe Spools / Manifolds

Pipe spools are required to convey media between and within processes at industrial plants. Fusion's plastic fabrication and site teams have experience fabricating pipe spools, many of which can be found at water treatment plants, chemical processing plants, mine sites and oil and gas facilities throughout Australia.

Materials & Capabilities

Pipe spools are commonly fabricated using HDPE or PP pipe and fittings and use a combination of backing rings, flanges and gaskets to connect to pre-existing piping systems, storage tanks and more. Fusion has a large range of pipe butt fusion machines to suit fabrication of spools in sizes up to 630mm and higher.

Design Assistance & Fabrication

Do you need assistance with designing a plastic spool to suit your site requirements? Our Australian design, estimation and site services teams can provide assistance from design to installation.

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HDPE Pipe Manifold

Pipe Spool Gallery

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Minion Machine Guards in Yellow PE

Chutes, Liners, Launders and Machine / Motor Guards

Many industrial processes can benefit from custom plastic chutes, liners, launders and machine / motor guards to make a safer working environment and protect important machinery.

The Benefits of Plastic

The smooth surface qualities and anti-corrosion characteristics of plastic makes it ideal for chutes, lines and launders, allowing material to easily pass through and not corrode infrastructure. Furthermore, Fusion's manufactured plastic products are light in weight (compared to steel) and therefore easier to install and maintain.

Custom fabricated Industrial sheet plastic is perfect for machine / motor guards. They're light in weight, making them much easier to remove than steel counterparts and can be fabricated in a range of colours and materials to suit safety requirements and site conditions.

Fusion's Australian custom plastic fabrication team has extensive experience manufacturing a wide range of chutes, liners, launders, machine guards and safety screens. Do you need design assistance for something specific at your site? Our engineers and estimators can assist you with design services and our plastic fabrication / site team can complete the installation.

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