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Pipe Clips & Spacers

Easily Mount Pipe and Fittings for your Next Installation

Fusion has partnered with Van De Lande, a Netherlands based company, to supply pipe clips (also known as tube clamps or pipe clamps) and spacers in rigid, black polypropylene, in sizes ranging from 20 - 160mm and 0.5 - 8″.

Van De Lande pipe clips and spacers are suitable for both metric and imperial sized piping systems; making them perfect for not only solvent welded systems such as UPVC, CPVC and ABS, but also welded systems such as HDPE, PP and PVDF.

Find out more about the by downloading the Fusion Product Guide, a comprehensive catalogue of piping systems, valves, level instrumentation and accessories.

A Sample Of Our Range

Vandelande - Type A Pipe Clip
Type B Tube Clip
Type C Tube Clamp
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For the full range available download the Fusion Product Guide or Contact us.

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Van De Lande Pipe Clip images labelled ABC for the different types

Sizes Available

  • Type A from 20mm and 0.5″ to 1″ and 32mm
  • Type B from 40mm and 1.25″ to 4″ and 160mm
  • Type C in 6 and 8″
Material: PP = Polypropylene
Manufacture: Injection Moulded

Mounting Requirements

Pipe Clips should be mounted on a flat and stable surface. In all types of applications, reliable fastening materials should be used. Non-countersunk bolts or screws with a flat surface on the lower end of the head in combination with a washer should be used.

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