Chemical Storage Tanks


Long Term Storage.
Corrosion Free.

Long lasting chemical storage fabricated to DVS standards for industrial applications. Designed and manufactured in Australia, and customisable to site requirements.
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Superior Chemical Storage

Fusion build custom plastic fabricated tanks for clients who require longevity, custom shapes, sizes, nozzle arrangements and hassle free installation and operation for industrial applications primarily in water treatment and chemical processing.

Fusion has chemical storage tank fabrication facilities on the east and west coasts of Australia and utilise large, automatic sheet butt welding machines, CNC cutters, extrusion welding techniques and hydrotesting services to deliver premium chemical tanks for the most demanding environments.

Fusion tanks provide full design flexibility, fully homogeneous materials throughout, full weld identification and traceability (on request). Our tanks are designed to European standards EN12573 and DVS technical codes 2205, are compliant with Australian Standards (including AS3780:2023) and come with a 25 year design life (depending on application).

Consistent Wall Thickness & Double Welded

To create Fusion plastic fabricated tanks, we utilize state-of-the-art sheet CNC butt welding machines for constructing the walls.

For the base and roof, we employ extrusion welding to double-weld to the walls.

These processes achieve consistent wall thickness, ensuring uniform strength across the entire tank, reducing the risk of leaks over time.

Hydrotested and designed to last 25 Years

All our tanks undergo rigorous inspection and hydro testing to be guaranteed a strong and leak free.

For convenient and secure transport, our tanks can be custom-designed with rated lifting lugs, anchor claws, and vents.

Fusion tanks are designed in accordance with DVS 2205. All extrusion weld sizes and parameters are in accordance with DVS 2205 & DVS 2207-4. All butt welds are in accordance with DVS 220701.

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Completely Custom

Fusion's Fabricated tanks offer extensive customization options as they're not restricted to pre-made molds. Sizes can be scaled from 300L to 70,000L, and the tanks can be design in various shapes and diameters to suit your site requirements.
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Plastics We Use

Fusion fabricates custom tanks from plastics such as HDPE sheet (High Density Polyethylene / PE100) or PP sheet (Polypropylene). Polyethylene offers excellent UV and chemical resistance and Polypropylene is selected where higher temperatures are required.

Other plastics such as PVC, Natural PE and more can be selected depending on factors such as chemical compatibility, UV resistance, and temperature tolerance. Contact our team to discuss the right plastic for your application.

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Since 1998 we've been manufacturing custom industrial plastic tanks for a range of industries including water treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceuticals and more.

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Chemical Storage Tanks For Industrial Chemicals

Storing something specific? Our team can specify the best tank material for your application.

Common chemicals our tanks store include:

  • Sodium hypochlorite (bleach)
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide (caustic)
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Oxygen scavengers (such as sodium metabisulphite)
  • Citric acid
  • Coagulants (such as poly-aluminium chloride)
  • Fluorosilicic acid
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Roto Moulded or Plastic Fabricated Tanks

Fabricated plastic tanks are easy customisable, complex shapes can be manufactured, they can be built to large capacities, they're more durable, easily repairable, offer excellent temperature resistance and can be built to regulatory compliance standards.

Plastic or Steel Tanks

Industrial plastic tanks are corrosion resistant, lightweight, easier and more cost-effective to install, durable, cost-effective, versatile, can easily be customized. They are easy to modify or repair, have reduced maintenance costs (no regular maintenance to prevent rust or corrosion) and are resistant to leaks.
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Inlets & Outlets

We install the highest quality piping system components according to your connectivity requirements.

We've partnered with global manufacturers such as Asahi Valves CoCharlotte Pipe CoEffastFlowline Level Instrumentation & more to provide the best pipe, fittings and devices to suit your next Fusion custom storage tank build.

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UPVC Coupler / Coupling from Charlotte

Additional Accessories & Fittings

During our fabrication process we can build and/or install custom bunding to AS3780, lugs, level meters, site glass assemblies and more. Our skilled plastic tank fabrication teams can design and build chemical storage tanks to your specific requirements.

UPVC Reducing Bush from Charlotte
A Fusion plastic fabricator electrofusion jointing a PE piping system on site

Installation at Your Site

Fusion's site team and plastic fabricators can provide installation and maintenance services that extend beyond tank fabrication. Our teams have expertise in a range of industrial plastic piping systems and are skilled in welding techniques including butt, socket and IR.

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Australian Design & German Technology

Our in-house engineers utilise advanced computer modelling including FEA analysis to design long lasting solutions for clients. Our fabrication facilities use CNC cutting and butt welding, extrusion welding and more to build customised, plastic tanks designed to suit a broad range of liquid and gas storage requirements.

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Quality Assurance

All Fusion polyethylene tanks are designed and manufactured in Australia under strict quality control to client specifications. Plastic tanks can be supplied with a design summary and test certificates for traceability and quality assurance (on request).

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Our Work

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