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UPVC Schedule 80 Pipe & Fittings

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride
UPVC Schedule 80 pipe and fittings also commonly referred to as PVC, uPVC, PVCU or PVC-U is a highly regarded pressure piping system that is suitable for use within the water treatment, chemical processing and similar industries.

UPVC Schedule 80 is an extremely versatile product that has uses ranging from drinking water to highly corrosive chemical applications. The product contains UV stabilising additives and thermal properties which ensure that it is suitable for both interior and exterior environments. Its smooth texture also ensures that there is limited build up of materials or scale from the liquids during operations.

The product is lightweight (compared to metallic systems) and easy to handle and install.
Charlotte UPVC Reducing Bush
Size Range
0.25 – 16 inch
Operating Temperature
0 – 60°C
Jointing Technology
Solvent cement
Pressure Rating
Up to 16 bar (1600 kpa)

A Sample Of Our Range

UPVC Schedule 80 Fitting Reducing Tee from Charlotte Product Photo
UPVC Reducing Tee 90˚
UPVC Elbow 45˚ from Charlotte
UPVC Elbow 45˚
UPVC Schedule 80 fitting Coupler / Coupling from Charlotte
UPVC Coupler / Coupling
UPVC Sched 80 fitting Threaded Adaptor Female
UPVC Threaded Adaptor Fitting
UPVC Reducing Bush from Charlotte
UPVC Reducing Bush
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Benefits of UPVC Sch80

  • Excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalis, bases and salts.
  • Wide temperature rating of 0 - 60˚C.
  • High pressure rating up to 16 bar.
  • UV Resistant / Stabilised.
  • Free from toxicity, odours and tastes and conforms to NSF International Standard 61.
  • Highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and impact strength.
  • It's light weight and easy to handle. Reducing the cost of transportation and installation.
  • Easy to install with inexpensive tools and cleaner / glue.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and doesn’t scale, pit or rust.
  • Smooth interior walls provide a high consistent flow rate and low friction loss.
  • Lower thermal conductivity factor than metal pipe. Therefore piped fluids maintain a more constant temperature.

Fusion: Australian Distributor for Charlotte Pipe Co.

Charlotte Pipe has been relentless in their commitment to quality and service for more than a century. They are a leading full-line manufacturer of UPVC, CPVC, and ABS piping systems for drainage and pressure applications. Charlotte’s systems are designed to fit together precisely for easier installation, fewer callbacks and a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Standards Compliance

Charlotte Pipe Co. UPVC pipe sch 80
  • ASTM D 1784: Rigid Vinyl Compounds
  • ASTM D 1785: PVC Plastic Pipe, Schedule 80
  • NSF Standard 14: Plastic Piping Components & Related Materials
  • NSF Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components–Health Effects

Download the Certification Letter from our supplier, Charlotte Pipe Co.

Charlotte Pipe Co. UPVC Schedule 80 Fittings
  • ASTM D 1784: Rigid Vinyl Compounds
  • ASTM D 2467: PVC Socket Fittings, Schedule 80
  • ASTM D 2464: PVC Threaded Fittings, Schedule 80
  • ASTM F 1970: Special Engineered Fittings, UPVC or CPVC Systems
  • NSF Standard 14: Plastic Piping Components & Related Materials
  • NSF Standard 61: Drinking Water System Components–Health Effects

Download the Certification Letter from our supplier, Charlotte Pipe Co.

Polypipe Effast UPVC BSPP Threaded Fittings
  • EN ISO 1452: Plastics piping systems for water supply and for buried and above-ground drainage and sewerage under pressure — Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U)
  • ISO 228-1: Pipe threads where pressure-tight joints are not made on the threads

View more certification information from our supplier, Polypipe Effast

Van de Lande UPVC BSP Fittings
  • KIWA K5052-04: Solvent cement fittings of PVC-U and PVC-UH
  • KIWA K24408-04: Injection moulded fittings of PVC with flange
  • KIWA K24070-03: Couplers and fittings of PVC-U

View more certification information from our supplier, Van De Lande


Which range of UPVC does Fusion Stock?

We carry stock of UPVC Schedule 80 pipe and fittings, British standard fittings, solvent cements, primers and accessories to help with installation.

What is Schedule 80?

A pipe’s “Schedule” is simply a reference to its wall thickness. A 2 inch schedule 80 pipe will have a smaller internal diameter than a 2 inch schedule 40 pipe. Therefore, the higher the schedule, the thicker the wall. The “Schedule” classification of pipe is used not only for PVC but also with other materials such as steel.

Why choose Schedule 80 over Schedule 40?

It depends on your application. Schedule 80’s thick wall provides for increased pressure loads and more suitability to harsher environments, making it commonly used in heavy duty commercial or industrial applications. Below is a brief table showing the differences.
UPVC Schedule 80 & 40 Comparison Table

Where has Fusion Supplied / Installed UPVC Schedule 80?

For hundreds of business across Australia. Some notable supply / install projects:
  • A chemical processing plant in Perth, Western Australia.
  • A chlor-alkali plant construction in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Multiple water authority plants throughout Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia.
  • Mine site projects throughout the Pilbara Region in Western Australia.
  • Many containerised water treatment plants in Western Australia, Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

UPVC isn't suitable for my application, what else could I use?

Fusion can provided assistance to specify the most suitable plastic for your application. Depending on the conveyed chemical / media, pressure and temperature. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) may be more suitable if the temperature exceeds +60˚C, or if you require UV resistance then High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) may be a better option. Please contact us if you require assistance with selecting the optimal plastic for your application.

Does Fusion sell steel piping systems?

While steel pipes / steel tubes and steel fittings have their advantages, our focus is on providing long term, corrosion free plastic piping systems.

How do steel pipe dimensions relate to UPVC schedule 80 dimensions?

Steel pipe dimensions and UPVC schedule 80 dimensions are not directly comparable as they use different sizing systems.

Steel pipe dimensions are typically specified using the Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) system, which refers to the approximate inner diameter of the pipe in inches. The actual outer diameter of the pipe, as well as its wall thickness, vary depending on the NPS size and the pipe schedule (the thickness of the pipe wall).

UPVC schedule 80, on the other hand, uses a different sizing system based on the thickness of the pipe wall. The schedule number represents the thickness of the pipe wall in relation to the pipe's nominal size. For example, UPVC schedule 80 pipes have a thicker wall than UPVC schedule 40 pipes of the same nominal size.

To compare steel pipe dimensions to UPVC schedule 80 dimensions, you would need to convert the NPS size of the steel pipe to an equivalent UPVC schedule 80 size based on the thickness of the pipe wall.

 However, keep in mind that steel pipes are typically used in different applications than UPVC pipes, and the choice of material and sizing should be based on the specific requirements of the project.

Interested in UPVC for your next project?

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