Industrial Plastic Butterfly Valves

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Industrial Plastic Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used in both on/off and modulating services. They provide good tolerance to suspended solids, but are not recommended for use with slurries or debris (diaphragm valves are more commonly suited to these applications). The butterfly valve is well suited for large bore lines and is low profile; making it ideal for tight spaces.
Asahi Type 57 Butterfly Valve

Asahi Industrial Plastic Butterfly Valve Range

Product Size Range (inch) Chemical Processing Water Treatment Aquaculture Commercial Pools / Aquariums Mining
Type 57P 1.5 – 14 Y Y Y Y Y
Type 57-IL 3 – 12 Y Y Y Y
Type 57 LIS 3 – 8 Y Y Y Y
Type 55 2 – 10 Y Y
Type 55 IS (lever) 2 – 5 Y Y
Type 55 IS (gear) 2 – 8 Y Y
Type 56 16 Y Y Y Y Y
Type 75 18 – 24 Y Y Y Y Y
Type 56D / 75D 16 – 24 Y Y Y Y Y
Pool Pro 1.5 – 12 Y Y
PDCPD 28 – 48 Y Y Y Y

What sets Asahi industrial plastic butterfly valves above the rest?

UPVC Resin

The UPVC resin adds greater structural integrity to all Asahi products by reducing voids in the molding process. It also improves the environmental / chemical resistance of the valve — meaning a longer life in heavy-duty applications.

Asahi butterfly valves are also available in high-quality CPVC, PP and PVDF plastics for other applications as required.

Choice of Disc

Due to its non-contact seat design, high-quality performance can be achieved without the cost. The disc can be selected specifically to suit an application as well as the outer body. Material options for both the inner and outer components include UPVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF.

Non-Contact Design

The valve’s design makes them more effective in applications using harsher chemicals by not exposing contact to the outer valve body; only the internal disc and seat come into contact with media.

Further Benefits / Inclusions

  • A flange stopper to prevent over-compressing liners due to improper installation.
  • An absorption channel to never worry about an over-tightened liner causing excessive stem torque.
  • A spherical disc to gain higher flow coefficient (Cv) and extended valve life cycle.
  • An Asahi Plasgear™ plastic gear operator: the first industrial, non-metallic gear box with superior corrosion resistance.
Asahi Type 57 Butterfly Valve Ratchet Handle
Asahi Type 57 Butterfly Valve Illustration

Asahi Type 57P Butterfly Valve

Type-57P butterfly valves are quarter turn valves with equal percentage type flow characteristics. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service. Good tolerance to suspended solids but not recommended for use with slurries or debris. The Type-57P butterfly valve is well suited for a wide variety of fluid flow applications.

Standard Features (1.5 – 14")

  • The valve comes in a wide range of materials specific to your requirements. Most commonly offered with UPVC body and PP disc for superior chemical resistance and elevated temperature capabilities.
  • The 316 stainless steel shaft has full engagement over the entire length of the disc and is a non-wetted part.
  • Only the solid, abrasion resistant plastic disc and elastomeric liner are wetted parts.
  • The mounting pad has an ISO connection making it easy to attach accessories without body or stem modifications.
  • A PP retainer to prevent stem removal.
  • Seat overtightening protection.
  • A 21-position throttle plate when the lever handle style is attached.

Design Features

  • Molded tag holes for valve identification and labeling
  • Redesigned indicator plate for lever handle models 0° closed to 90° open legend with 10° intervals
  • Increased internal sealing performance
  • New design disc and seat

Key Benefits

  • UV stability
  • Moderate chemical resistance
  • Long design life (depending on application)
  • Up to PN16 pressure rating
  • Easy to install
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lower cost option to schedule 80


  • Pneumatic or electric actuation with accessories.
  • Discs in UPVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF.
  • Stainless steel 304 or 316 lug styles for blocking and end-of-line applications.
  • Stems in titanium or Hastelloy C®
  • Locking devices as either gear type or standard on lever.
  • 2 inch square nut on stem for 1.5 – 8 inch only or 2 inch square nut on gear operator for all sizes.
  • Stem extensions (single stem and two-piece stem)
  • Chain operators
  • Manual limit switch (Asahi P-Series)
  • Tandem arrangements (Patented by A/A, Inc.)

Technical Specifications

Sizes Lever: 1.5- 8 inch
Gear: 1.5 – 14 inch
Bodies UPVC, PP & PVDF
Seats EPDM / FKM / Nitrile
Seals EPDM / FKM / Nitrile
Stems 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium or Hastelloy C.


For more information about Asahi Type 57P Butterfly valves, visit the Asahi America website.

Benefits of Industrial Plastic Valves

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Smoother than metal for better flow rates.
  • Made to last longer than metal, even when in contact with corrosive liquids.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant – much more so than metals.
  • Light in weight when compared to metals.
  • Lower in total material and installation costs than conventional metal systems.
  • More efficient than metals, especially in operational efficiencies including chemical inertness, resistance to permeation and impurity absorption, abrasion and freeze resistance.
Asahi 3 Year Warranty

Asahi Valves 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Asahi valves from Fusion come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty; longer than most competitor brands in Australia! For information about the Asahi Valve Warranty, please contact us.
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