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Foaming Fractionator Display

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Foaming Fractionator Display
Water & Carbon Group
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Foaming Fractionator Display Unit

Fusion designed and manufactured a mobile foaming fractionator display unit for Water and Carbon Group. This unit was showcased at the Ozwater Exhibition 2023 held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

The unit's design was a collaborative effort with the client, aimed at visually demonstrating the fractionation process, ensuring easy setup and dismantling during exhibitions, and enhancing durability for frequent transportation.

The primary structure of the unit is constructed using sheet grey PVC. The associated pipework was assembled in-house by Fusion, utilizing UPVC pipe and fittings. The flow control was facilitated by an Asahi diaphragm valve with a red handle, while Effast economy ball valves managed the on-off control of different components. The transparent UPVC column was custom-cut and welded at our WA fabrication facility.

What is a foaming fractionator?

A foaming fractionator, also known as a protein skimmer or foam separator, is a device employed across various industries, particularly in aquariums and water treatment systems. Its purpose is to eliminate organic compounds and impurities from water. The device operates by generating a column of air bubbles within a water-filled chamber. The surface tension of the bubbles attracts organic molecules and other contaminants.

As the bubbles ascend, they carry the accumulated contaminants along, resulting in the formation of a frothy mixture at the top. This froth, commonly referred to as "skimmate," is then collected and extracted from the water. Consequently, the purified water is permitted to exit the column, leading to a reduction in impurities.

In the context of aquariums, foaming fractionators play a crucial role in sustaining water quality. They achieve this by eliminating excessive nutrients and organic substances, which, if left unchecked, could foster algae growth or water pollution. Similarly, in industrial applications, these devices are integrated into water treatment processes to segregate contaminants from water sources before the water is either reused or discharged.

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