Retrofitted Polypropylene Truck Tank

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Retrofitted Polypropylene Truck Tank
Pipeline Technics
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We were contacted to design and build a water storage truck tank for retrofitting to a client’s vehicle. Unlike more common steel truck tanks, our solution allows for easy installation and removal; adding functionality to the vehicle without removing its original solid material haulage capabilities.

Internally, the tank contains multiple baffles to spread horizontal force created when the vehicle accelerates (or slows down) and reinforce the tank structure.

The Fabrication

Fabrication began with panel beating on the tipper surface to remove dents and create flat surfaces for the tank. The tipper was measured to calculate the position of the tank and baffles, and fabrication began; adding reinforcement as required. The walls were constructed and attached to the base.

Five baffles were measured and cut to size then welded onto the base and walls. These were reinforced and a locking assembly was attached to stop the tank from moving inside the tipper during transport.

The roof was measured and cut to size (including an inspection hatch) and then welded to the walls and welded internally to the baffles.

Lifting lugs were added and the entire tank was removed from the truck, allowing for external access to the tank bottom; where we were able to extrusion weld all outer tank seams.

All weld bead excess was then removed and the outlet pipe was extrusion welded to the tank body. The internals of the tank were cleaned, allowing for water testing to begin.

After passing testing, the tank outer was thoroughly cleaned, checked over and lifted back into the truck’s tipper; ready for transport back to the client.

Why Polypropylene?

Using polypropylene plastic throughout the design makes for a much lighter tank, that can be easily installed and removed as needed. The client can also benefit from reduced fuel usage resulting from the polypropylene’s reduced weight compared to a metal equivalent tank.
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