Remote Waste Water Treatment Plant UPVC Supply

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Remote Waste Water Treatment Plant UPVC Supply
Tristar Water
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Fusion were pleased to supply piping system products for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in remote Australia.

The Waste Water Treatment System

The piping system chosen for this project was Schedule 80 PVC-U as it’s recognised around the world as a superior, reliable piping solution. The chemical resistivity required for this project rules out ABS plastic and installation times for PE would have outweighed potential savings on material.

Fusion offers an extensive range of fittings and accessories, allowing the client to continuity—throughout the plant’s long lifetime—offset the risk of using incorrect solvents and glues.

The remote location of this waste water treatment plant leaves no room for pipework failure as it’s critical for the maintenance of up to 2,500 site construction beds. UPVC has excellent solvent weld strength and reliability: for that reason, it’s used internally, externally and below ground throughout the entire plant.

Barrow Island Mobile Waste Water Treatment Plant
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The Container (Pictured)

The container houses the permeate pump skid, chemical dosing tanks and dosing pumps. Ferric chloride and sodium hypochlorite are dosed at the site and batching sodium hypochlorite and citric acid for membrane cleaning cycles.

The Permeate Pump Skid

The pumps draw permeate from membranes and pumps them to a treated effluent storage tank. Chlorine and turbidity are both monitored and three way valves will send any non-compliant effluent back to the process.

Our Further Capabilities

In this example, Fusion only supplied UPVC pipework, however our capabilities extend beyond supply and include plastic fabrication and site services / installation.

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