Industrial Plastic Labcock Valves

From Asahi America
Asahi Labcock Valves are quarter-turn, plastic (PVC), manual ball valves available in 0.25inch size and come in seven different configurations (shown below). These valves are perfect within laboratories, water treatment facilities, or wherever process control monitoring or fluid sampling is undertaken. They can be used for simple on/off service or for calibrating flow.
Asahi Labcock Valve


CertificationNSF-61 (UPVC/EPDM model)
ModelsSee configurations below.


  • Pressure rated at 150 psi at 49° (water)
  • Precise fingertip control
  • Calibrated flow indicator
  • Rugged unibody construction and sturdy stem
  • Full vacuum rated
  • 90° turn operation with lever handle
  • Cv = 1.6


Asahi Labcock Valve - Female Threads - Illustration
Female Threads
Asahi Labcock Valve - Male x Female Thread - Illustration
Male x Female Thread
Asahi Labcock Valve - Male Threads - Illustration
Male Threads
Asahi Labcock Valve - Female Thread x Hose - Illustration
Female Thread x Hose
Asahi Labcock Valve - Male Thread x Hose - Illustration
Male Thread x Hose
Asahi Labcock Valve - Hose x Hose - Illustration
Hose x Hose
Asahi Labcock Valve - Male Thread x Elbow - Illustration
Male Thread x Elbow
Note: Hose ID = 0.375inch. Elbow OD = 0.63inch
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Benefits of Industrial Plastic Valves

  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Smoother than metal for better flow rates.
  • Made to last longer than metal, even when in contact with corrosive liquids.
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant – much more so than metals.
  • Light in weight when compared to metals.
  • Lower in total material and installation costs than conventional metal systems.
  • More efficient than metals, especially in operational efficiencies including chemical inertness, resistance to permeation and impurity absorption, abrasion and freeze resistance.
Asahi 3 Year Warranty

Asahi Valves 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Asahi valves from Fusion come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty; longer than most competitor brands in Australia! For information about the Asahi Valve Warranty, please contact us.
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