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Charlotte Chemical Compatibility Guide

The chart below provides a guide to chemical compatibilities for UPVC, CPVC, FPM and EPDM.

Looking for how sodium hypochlorite performs with UPVC? Start searching by typing ‘hypo’ and it will filter to different concentrations and temperatures for that chemical (and others containing the same string of characters).


All data in this Charlotte Chemical Compatibility Guide has been kindly provided by our US partners, Charlotte Pipe Co and is for use as a general guide only. Fusion and Charlotte Pipe Co. accept no responsibility for the usage of this data. It is strongly recommended prior to purchasing products relating to this data, that you seek professional assistance / advice by contacting a Fusion representative. Data in this table has been localised by Fusion for the Australian market and temperatures have been rounded from Fahrenheit (˚F)  to the nearest Celsius (˚C) degree.


Consult Factory
Consult Factory
Incomplete data
Non-pressure, vent-only applications when chemical is in gas form
Must use solvent cement specially formulated for hypochlorite or caustic chemical service (IPS Weld-On 724 or equal).

Note: Temperatures are for chemical resistance, under normal conditions unless otherwise marked by either a § or ‡ symbol.

wdt_ID Chemical Concentration / State UPVC Max ˚C CPVC Max ˚C EPDM Seal Max ˚C FPM Seal Max ˚C
1 1-Octanol
2 Acetaldehyde 93
3 Acetamide 93
4 Acetate Solvent Crude 93
5 Acetate Solvent Pure 93
6 Acetic Acid 10% 60 ‡ 82 ‡ 93 23
7 Acetic Acid 20% 60 ‡ 82 ‡ 93
8 Acetic Acid 50% 23 ‡ 60
9 Acetic Acid 80% 60
10 Acetic Acid Glacial 23
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